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Sql Transaction Begin, Commit, Rollback Demo in

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on September 18, 2009

Some programmer require to rollback and commit the transaction of the sqlserver according to the coding. That time this code will help you….

Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Data.SqlClient

public class MainClass
Shared Sub Main()
Dim thisConnection As New SqlConnection("server=(local)\SQLEXPRESS;" & _
"integrated security=sspi;database=MyDatabase")

' SQL Delete Commands
Dim sql As String = "DELETE FROM Employee " & _
"WHERE ID = 10"

' Create command
Dim thisCommand As New SqlCommand(sql, thisConnection)

' Create Transaction
Dim thisTransaction As SqlTransaction

' Open Connection

' Begin transaction and attach it to command
thisTransaction = thisConnection.BeginTransaction()
thisCommand.Transaction = thisTransaction

' Run delete command

' Commit transaction

' Display success
Console.WriteLine("Transaction Committed. Data Deleted")

Catch ex As Exception
' Roll back transaction

Console.WriteLine("Transaction rolled back : " & ex.Message)

' Close Connection

End Try
End Sub
End Class

for more information click here

enjoy coding….


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