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Get Primary key – Foreign key relations table in sql server

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on November 4, 2009

select * from information_schema.constraint_column_usage

This Query give the list of the table with the constraint

select * from information_schema.referential_constraints

this query give the list of the table with the foreign key constraint

now the query to find the relations


tblAll.table_name as Primary_TableName,

tblAll.column_name as Primary_TableColumn,

tblFK.table_name as ForeignKey_TableName,

tblFK.column_name as ForeignKey_ColumnName

from information_schema.constraint_column_usage tblAll

inner join information_schema.referential_constraints tblAllFK on

tblAllFK.unique_constraint_name = tblAll.constraint_name

inner join information_schema.constraint_column_usage tblFK on


Enjoy coding…..


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