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Using Google API showing search Result with

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on July 20, 2010

Google allows external applications to access their search engine through their search webservice. This webservice, and many others, was implemented via the Simple Object Access Protocol, or SOAP. SOAP is a ‘lightweight’ protocol that is ideal for exchanging information in web environments, since it provides a standard way for passing data between different types of systems. It is based on XML, and allows for the definition of simple objects and Remote Procedure Calls, or RPC (calling a method from your program that ‘lives’ on another server) and the RPC responses.

In order to take advantage of this web service using ASP.NET, we’re going to have to build a proxy class which will serve as an intermediary between our program and the web service. That sounds like a whole lot of work, but fear not, Microsoft has a utility (wsdl.exe) that automates this process for us.

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