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Difference between count(*) and count(column_name)

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on September 13, 2010

what is count(*), count(column_name) and count(distinct column_name) ?

suppose we have employee table and having 100 records.

you all know what is count(*) in sql, this all function return same result if there is no record null in column.

select count(*) from employee
select count(emp_name) from employee
select count(distinct emp_name) from employee

that return the total employee from the employee table,

answer of this 3 query is 100.

but what happen if some records approx 20 of the emp_name is null?

now this 3 query give same answer?


select count(*) from employee

return 100

select count(emp_name) from employee

return 80

select count(distinct emp_name) from employee

return 80

count(*) count the null records while count(column_name) omits the null value so it return 80(100 – 20) record.

hope you are clear with the count(*) count(column_name) and distinct column_name).

thank you.


One Response to “Difference between count(*) and count(column_name)”

  1. Shruti said

    Thanks really needed it… 🙂

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