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Set Source on Image from code in Silverlight

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on January 11, 2011


this is the first post of year 2o11

here I demonstrate how to set source of the image from code in silverlight

basically we define source of image from XAML file as below

<Image x:name="imgPhoto" Source="" />

so how can we define this source from code file.

string imgurl = " ";

ImageSourceConvertor convertor = new ImageSourceConvertor();

imgPhoto.Source = (ImageSource) convertor.ConvertFromString(imgurl);

here we use ImageSourceConvertor but u can also use BitmapImage with an Uri class as below,

Uri uri = new Uri("", Urikind.Absolute);

ImageSource imgs = new ImageSource(uri);

imgPhoto.Source = imgs;

with this you can define source of the image from source.



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