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My First Presantation in Industrial Experience.

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on January 12, 2011


Yesterday dated 11th January 2011, I have a presentation in my company. My presentation topic is “.Net 3.5 Mysteries”. In this presentation I have include

1.       Automatic  property

2.       Object and Collection Initializes

3.       Extension Methods

4.       Lambda Expressions

5.       Implicit Typing

6.       Anonymous Types

7.       Partial Methods

8.       LINQ  (Linq to sql, Linq to XML, Linq to object)

This is my first presentation after the industrial experience start.  It was very good, I get very feedback and whole presentation was full of interaction with people.

Thanks to Mr. Jay Joshi to present this presentation in last .Net Tech Talk and Mr. Ruchit Surti for handling great event of .Net Tach Talk and Mr. Bakir Padaniya to help to get some example for my presentation.

Hope this will continue and we share more knowledge to society.

click  for Download Presantation only and for code check the flash widget from right panel file named “.Net 3.5” of this blog.


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