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Understanding the Dynamic Keyword in C# 4

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on June 13, 2011

The dynamic keyword and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) are major new features in C# 4 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. These features generated a lot of interest when announced—along with a lot of questions. There were a number of answers as well, but they’re now spread throughout documentation and on various technical blogs and articles. So people continue asking the same questions again and again on forums and at conferences.

This article provides a general overview of the new dynamic features in C# 4 and also delves into some more in-depth information about how they work with other language and framework features, such as reflection or implicitly typed variables. Given there’s a lot of information available already, I’ll sometimes reuse classic examples with links to the original sources. I’ll also provide plenty of links for further reading.

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