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Find Foreign Keys in Sql Server

Posted by Viral Sarvaiya on October 12, 2012


Here is the query to find list of foreign keys of the particular database,

Here this query gives name of foreign keys, table name, column name, referenced table name and referenced column name.

;With CTE As
Select Object_Name(constraint_object_id) Constraint_Name, Object_Name(parent_object_id) Table_Name, Column_Name
From sys.foreign_key_columns FK
Inner Join sys.columns C On FK.parent_object_id = C.object_id And FK.parent_column_id = C.column_id
SELECT C.Constraint_Name,C.Table_Name,C.Column_Name, Object_Name(FK.referenced_object_id) Referenced_Table_Name, Referenced_Column_Name
from CTE C
Inner Join sys.foreign_key_columns FK On C.Constraint_Name = Object_Name(FK.constraint_object_id)
Inner Join sys.columns SC On FK.referenced_object_id = SC.object_id And FK.referenced_column_id = SC.column_id



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  1. Bhuvi said

    Nice Article..

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