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15 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Leena Dhillon said

    Hi viral, leena here ,, just want to let u know tht spelling of speech is wrong… please correct it after all we are students of Rekha Nair

  2. Jigar said

    Well Done Viral…

    Well Start and keep doing to blogging abt technology.

    Grt Work

  3. Azhar Javaid said

    Dear, i found some very useful information on your blog. I am also maintaining a Blog on domain, can you please guide me how can i use the syntax formating (syntax highlight) feature on blogs?

  4. hi Viral,

    Your articles are really good and its good for knowledge improvement. Good Keep it up.

    Rushit Shukla

  5. hello viral good blogs

  6. hello Mr.viral
    good blogs
    i m getting very useful information on your blog
    thanks for sharing all information

    krishna patel

  7. Falguni said

    Hey viral,

    Thanks for posting this.
    it’s very useful for all.
    Keep it up……

  8. ismail said

    Hi Viral , following up your question @

    I’m just wondering if you found a method to do such a trick using Dijkstra’s algorithm or others .

    i’m looking for info to develop a way finding system as a building directory for shopping malls etc .
    if you could help me out in this regard , I will be very thankful

  9. Hitesh said

    Very nice blog Viral, It is very useful in various aspects, keep it up.
    Hitesh Patel

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